The cooling system used on all IS series of generators is based on heat exchangers type sea water/air and sea water/coolant able to assure the perfect functioning of the generator independently from the external ambient temperatures.
Differently from our competitors, the cooling system of our generators allows to use the generator with ambient temperature of 122° F without loss of power.
Aluminum housing provides effective sound level reduction thank innovative sound proof material. The top and the side panels are removable, offering easy access.
One-side serviceability of injection an lubrication system, sea water pump and air filter.
A double shock absorber system allows an effective reduction of the vibration level raising the comfort inside the boat.
All the models are equipped with remote control panel.

  • The generator may be installed in any room on the vessel without the need to install ventilation blowers.
  • Engine and alternator operation in ideal temperature conditions.
  • Maximum generator efficiency.
  • Simplified generator installation.
  • The generator does not heat the environment where it is installed.

The first shock-absorber system absorbs vibrations from engine-alternator to the frame
The second one absorbs residual micro-vibrations from frame to vessel.